100 Most Influential People – US Defense

The Defense News 100 Most Influential People in US Defense focuses on policy, budget and strategic issues, and less on personnel and veterans issues.

Candidates were tagged according to their spheres of influence — policy, money, intelligence, Afghanistan, special operations, Congress, homeland security, military service, industry, opinion shaping, cyber, Asia-Pacific, Middle East and veterans issues — and relative values were assigned to each. For those with multiple spheres of influence, their primary spheres were weighted over lesser areas to create a composite score. Bonus points were awarded in some instances for individuals whose access to the president or other key leaders deserved special consideration.

ADI President Michael Herson made the list along with other top defense lobbyists at #39.

39 – The Lobbyists
Washington is a town full of lobbyists in every field, including defense. Some work directly for companies; others are hired guns, specialized tools in any company’s toolbox. Some open doors or help secure funding, others shape DoD requirements, media or crisis strategies. Heavyweights running the Washington operations for major contractors include Boeing’s Tim Keating, General Dynamic’s Bob Helm, Lockheed Martin’s Greg Dahlberg and Northrop Grumman’s Sid Ashworth as well as Raytheon’s Mark Esper and BAE Systems’ Frank Ruggiero. As for outside talent, Michael Herson, president and CEO of American Defense International, is close to top Republican and Democratic defense lawmakers as well as Pentagon brass, helping him shape outcomes and drum up business. The Podesta Group’s Jim Dyer is as key to helping tap Republican appropriators as Tim Hannegan of Hannegan Landau Poersch Advocacy is with Democrat appropriators. Then you’ve got the “rifleshot” guys who can deliver specific results or boost your octane, including Caleb Baker of C Baker Consulting, Jim Ervin of Ervin Hill Strategy, Menda Fife of Fife Strategies and Steve McBee of McBee Strategic Consulting and Letitia White of Innovative Federal Strategies. Then there is a Burdeshaw Associates with its unmatched roster of retired officers who can help companies shape military requirements and decisions.

See the full list here: http://special.defensenews.com/people/short-list.php

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