Defense lobbyists say cuts mean jobs

The Boston Globe
October 11, 2011

WASHINGTON – Defense lobbyists are packing a potent weapon in the battle to protect their industry: a warning that more cuts to the Pentagon budget will cost jobs, which could hit Massachusetts particularly hard.

Often, military contractors focus their pitch for federal dollars on the need to bolster national security. Now, however, the ultimate threat to the nation could be its economic insecurity.

Top Army officials advise against shrinking forces too much. A5.

“When people are polled right now, what’s their number one issue? Jobs and the economy. Defense and homeland security and terrorism are polling very, very low,’’ said Michael H. Herson, a lobbyist whose firm’s clients include Raytheon Co. , the defense titan based in Waltham. “So how do you make this issue resonate? You talk about jobs.’’

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