Radio Buzz: Obama Adress on Afghan Troop Draw Down

By Jessica Curtis
Talk Radio Buzz, from Fox News Radio.

President Obama – addressing the nation Wednesday night – on his plan for withdrawing troops from Afghanistan…

The address lasted about 12 minutes – with a mixed bag of reaction coming from both sides of the aisle…

What does this mean for the troops that will remain?

That question – asked of Van Hipp, former Deputy Assistant Secretary to the Army – by Charlie Parker at WOAI.

Van’s answer?

“My concern – particularly next summer – during the middle of the fighting season – they’re going to take 23,000 out. I would not be bringing those troops home – in the middle of the fighting season.”

So what would you do, then?

“I’d either get ‘em out now. Or I would get ‘em out after the fighting season.”


“Because when you bring 23,000 out during the middle of it – I think you make those other troops more vulnerable. And that’s probably one of the reasons General Patraeus did not support this.”

read the full article or listen to the podcast…

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